how to detoxify your body

How to detoxify your body: Regularly detoxify your body can do wonders for your overall health. Every day, our bodies are bombarded by external toxins from a variety of sources, including pollution in the environment, indoor air pollution that results from the use of chemicals for cleaning throughout the home, heavy metals in the fish we consume, and harmful ingredients found within our cosmetics and body care products as well as our foods.

how to detoxify your body
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Because our bodies have to deal with such a heavy toxic burden, it is not always able to naturally rid itself of these harmful elements. Instead, our blood and our lymphatic system, as well as our organs, become clogged up, in a sense, with a variety of toxins. As a result, our bodies find it difficult to get rid of them on their own. And some of these toxins themselves are quite difficult for the body to get rid of in the first place, so we have to give ourselves the extra boost we need to become clean and pure again inside and out.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish or unwell, a good detox program may be all that you need to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Improve and Clean Out the Digestive System

how to detoxify your body
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Your entire digestive system has to deal with anything that you ingest which may not be particularly great for you, so a regular detox to clean out this system is an ideal way to make sure you are eliminating the harmful elements your body is exposed to daily.

Some ways to help your digestion are to drink plenty of water and take some probiotics. Make sure you purchase a reputable brand of probiotics that ensures there are billions, or at least millions, of active live cultures at the time of purchase. Also, never purchase dry probiotics off the shelf because these will not be viable, as probiotics need to be refrigerated and kept cold in order to survive.

Clean Out Your Liver

As part of your digestive system, your liver is also responsible for filtering out toxins from the blood, but when there are too many toxins in your body, your liver can get overburdened and fail to function properly. A liver cleanse is important to keep it in working order and to keep your body from retaining heavy metals.

For a few days, consume apple juice and water while avoiding sugary drinks and caffeine. Also, you can consume foods that will aid your liver, such as dandelion greens, myriad bitter greens, wheat-grass, beets, lemons, and limes. Also purchase a milk thistle supplement, which is known to work wonders on repairing damaged livers.

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Take a Fast While Consuming Fresh Juice


A great way to get plenty of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals throughout the body is to purchase a high-quality juicer and then juice the organic fruits and vegetables, mixing everything from sweet apples and carrots with beets and bitter greens. This is a safe, easy way to keep your energy up while giving your digestive system some time to rest from having to digest solid foods.

how to detoxify your body
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

About the author:  Tia is a writer who enjoys writing about health-related topics in order to help people feel their best. Yet another great way to detox is through Clean Colonic Irrigation. You can purchase your own home colon cleansing kit accessories to perform this natural detox method in the comfort of your home.

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