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Begin your exercise journey with this yoga for weight loss poses that will help burn fat, build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility.

Time and time again, you choose a different workout routine and a different diet, yet nothing seems to be working. It seems as if you are NEVER going to lose weight.

Okay, so you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight? Have you tried yoga? That’s why you’ve been failing … there are so many different yoga for weight loss you can use and you’ll never get bored!

Honestly, yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight, as long as you practice it on a regular basis and use the right form. With yoga, there are little chances of injury and it is light on the joint.

Moreover, you will no longer have to waste money on expensive equipment and diets just to see if you can manage to shed a couple of pounds. You can easily practice yoga in the comfort of your own home … isn’t that good news?

All you need is a space set aside for your yoga mat and some comfortable clothes and you will be ready to go. To give you a kick start, check out this yoga for weight loss

1. The Half Moon Pose

half-moon-pose this one right here is known as the Ardha Chandraasana, but it’s often referred to as the half-moon pose.

This pose is useful for toning your upper and inner thighs, as well as your buttocks.

If you have love handles, the added stretch that you do on your tummy will help you shed those love handles.

Mind you, if you have high blood pressure, digestive disorders or a spine injury, you should avoid doing this pose.

Step 1: Strand straight with your feet touching each for weight loss:Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

Step 2: Take your hands and each above your head.

Now, put your palms together. Try reaching for the ceiling.

Step3: As you are slowly bending sideways from your hips, exhale and keep your hands together.

Make sure you keep your elbows straight and don’t just bend forward.

If you’re doing the pose properly, you will feel a stretch from your fingertips to your thigh.

Step 4: As you come back up and return to the standing position, slowly inhale. Using the other side, repeat the process.


2. The Cobbler’s Pose

Cobbler-pose many of you may know this pose as the Badhakonasana, but we like to refer to it as the cobble pose, because it’s easier to say and remember.

There are many benefits with this pose, but one of the biggest would be the fact that it helps reduce fat on the inner thighs.

It can also help strengthen the muscles of the groin, lower back and knees. On a side note, some women do it in order to get relief from menstrual discomfort. It also helps improve for weight loss:Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

Step 1: With this pose, you will start out sitting on your yoga mat. Stretch your legs out in front of you.

Step 2: Now, you need to bend your legs at the knees and keep your spine erect. The soles of your feet will need to be facing each other.

Step 3: Take your hands and adjust your legs so that your heels can touch each other. Get your heels as close to your pelvis as you can, without feeling pain.

Step 4: As you are holding your legs around your ankles, picture the wings of a butterfly and move your thighs up and down.

Do this as many times as possible. Again, you shouldn’t feel any pain.

3. Kapal Bhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati-PranayamaKapal Bhati Pranayam is another good yoga pose for weight loss.

It is a breathing exercise that many are currently using in order to oxygenate their bod, while they are strengthening the muscles in their abdomen and stomach.

This pose right here will help you get that toned stomach you have been dreaming of – plus, it will eliminate those love handles and helps for weight loss:Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

Take note, if you have a hernia, high blood pressure, or heart disease, you should avoid this yoga pose for beginners.

Step 1: As you are sitting on your yoga mat, put your palms on your knees, facing downwards. Make sure you keep your spine erect

Step 2: As you are exhaling through your nose, push your tummy in towards the spine.

Step 3: As you are loosening your stomach muscles, you are naturally going to breath in.

Step 4: Contract your stomach muscles quickly again, then breath out. You shouldn’t be doing the work – your muscles should naturally be doing the work of pushing out and pulling the air in.

If you came to us for yoga for beginners, we recommend you start out doing this one 50 times. As time passes by, you can increase your number of repetitions and do as many as you feel comfortable with.

Note: After you do this yoga pose for weight loss, you may feel sore around your abdomen and stomach. Don’t worry, this is normal.

4. The Plough Pose

Plough-PoseThe plough pose is often referred to as the Halasana.

It is a great pose for office workers who have a tendency to sit for long hours.

It can be used to strengthen the thigh muscles, as well as the shoulder muscles and it will help tone the muscles of your buttocks.

Not to mention the fact that it will also stimulate the functioning of the parathyroid glands, thyroid glands, abdominal organs, and lungs. It keeps your hormonal levels in check and improves digestion.

Note: if you are currently menstruating, have spleen or liver disorders, hypertension or have suffered a neck injury, you should avoid this yoga pose for for weight loss:Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

Step 1: Start out lying flat on your back on your yoga mat. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

Step 2: Your arms should be placed at your side. Take your knees and bend them so that you have your feet placed flat on the floor.

Step 3: Slowly take both of your legs and raise them

Step 4: Place both of your hands on each side of your hips as you are raising it – use them as support.

Step 5: Slowly start to bend your legs at the hips as you are trying to tough the floor that is behind your head with your toes. You should straighten your hands so that you have them flat on the floor. As you are going up, slowly exhale.

Now, return to the current position and roll your back onto the floor slowly – as you come down, breath in. Make sure you do this slowly, don’t just dropdown.

Does yoga slim your body?

Yes, If you are a beginner in the yoga world, you probably don’t know much about it at the moment. Sure, yoga doesn’t conjure up the images of a long sweat-inducing workout, but you shouldn’t let that fool you.

Deep breathing and slow poses may seem innocent to the beginner, but take it from us – there’s nothing innocent about it. It can destroy that weight in no time at all.

Personal trainers and doctors throughout the world have claimed that yoga poses can trim and tone the human body and at the same time, it can work on the individuals’ mind and spirit.

For all of you that are learning about yoga for beginners and have turned to yoga for weight loss, here are some reasons you should start today …

Yoga Heats You Up

The calories you can burn during yoga vary, depending on the pose you are doing, you can burn anything from 150 to 400 calories per hour.

Some choose to work past that burn and accelerate calorie burning by mixing it up with a good dance routine.

Turning to yoga for weight loss, regardless of who you are, is a great idea – during a normal 90-minute session, the deep breathing techniques that come with yoga will heat you up on the inside.

This helps flush those toxins and water weight.

You Can Be Gentle

Many are under the impression that their yoga poses for weight loss has to be hardcore in order to lose weight – this isn’t always true. In fact, you can be gentle and still shed that unwanted weight.

Gentle yoga can help with weight loss because it amps up the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating digestion, breathing, and hormones.

Yoga helps you mentally, so you will be able to determine if you are simply hungry and need to eat or if there are emotional impulses that are telling you to eat.

It can also point you towards what you are really hungry for and knowing this will make you tick internally, helping you lose weight.

If you are looking for yoga poses for beginners to start off with the three we told you about, because this is labelled “gentle yoga.” Gentle yoga is a nice way to start so that you can avoid injuries.

You Can Expect Long Term Results

With yoga, you can expect long term results.

Looking at a study that was conducted back in 2005 by Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, we find overweight individuals who have practised yoga on a regular basis for 10 years – they were between the ages of 45 and 55 and lost a large amount of weight.

This was compared to a 14-pound weight gain for those who did not practice yoga on a regular basis. That right there is proof that yoga can help you lose weight … and if you don’t do it, you might just gain weight!

It Makes You More Aware of Your Body

Why do people turn to yoga for weight loss and why does it work? It’s because yoga actually makes you more aware of your body.

You see, when you start practising yoga, you will start eating more mindfully. You will notice when you have had enough to eat and it will help you avoid eating simply because you are bored.

You see, yoga basically teaches awareness of the self and that is important if you are looking for a nice long-term change.

You Won’t Have Any Negative Side Effects

That’s right, with yoga for beginners, and advanced, you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects. Yoga is all about working holistically with your body.

There are many exercise forms that can push your muscles in an unnatural way and harm them – with yoga,

it is all about making sure your body returns back to the perfect state that it is meant to be in in the first place.

Permanent Weight Loss

Most of all, you can achieve permanent weight loss. Over the last couple of years, a large number of studies have been conducted and have shown us that people have permanently lost weight by practising yoga.

If you turn to another weight-loss method and use chemicals and other horrible tricks that are often sold to people who want to lose weight, you will gain it right back, because you lost it unnaturally.

With yoga, it is different – you will be maintaining a healthy diet and using yoga poses for weight loss – these will keep the weight off for as long as you live.

Plus, you also have to consider the fact that yoga will help you tackle those other physical and mental problems that caused weight gain in the first place.

You see, if you are overweight, there is normally a problem and yoga poses for weight loss can help you get past those problems.

So, what are you going to choose? You can start as soon as today and do some good yoga poses for weight loss in the comfort of your own home.

Also, if you want to get out, you can go take some classes or purchases some stuff that focuses on yoga for beginners.

The trick is to start TODAY, not tomorrow … because as you may know, tomorrow hardly ever gets here. That’s another reason people don’t lose weight – they keep putting it off for tomorrow.

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